Streamlining Fleet Maintenance: From Part Fulfillment to Fleet Uptime

A conversation with aviation experts

Pressures on the Aerospace and Defense industry have led experts to change the conversation about fleet maintenance and parts management.

In this webinar, General H. Brent Baker and the expert team who have worked with leading A&D companies like Embraer, Qantas Airlines, Southwest Airlines and others share their experiences and recommendations for approaching inventory, supply chain, and parts management. 

Listen in as General Banker and experts discuss:

  • Streamlining the MRO process and the advantages of a holistic view of high-velocity aircraft maintenance
  • Advanced Service Parts forecasting. Learn how to eliminate the most frequent source of work stoppages and missed targets
  • Improving business outcomes with innovative service parts management strategy
  • How the new approach to parts management helped Embraer get a $26M profit increase and $50M+ in cost savings