Virtual Event: Embracing the Pace of Change for Aerospace and Defense in a Connected World

It’s not good enough to be willing to accept a change. We must embrace a PACE of change. We need a mindset where clock speeds are short, innovation is continuous and where our willingness to react quickly and change frequently is viewed as a core competency.” – Jim Heppelmann, CEO of PTC June 2018.

Today’s Aerospace and Defense leaders must work harder and faster than ever to meet the increasing demands of their missions, constituents and markets. Evolving strategic priorities, an emerging space race, expanding personal aircraft market and volatility in the global landscape amplify the challenge.

Join leading stakeholders from the Aerospace & Defense sector as they examine the latest challenges regarding cybersecurity, additive manufacturing, PLM, and AR / IoT use cases across industry and government.



Alex Daly
Federal Aerospace & Defense, Business Transformation Director

Alex Gounares
Polyverse Corporation

Dr. Marilyn Gaska, Ph.D.
Chief Engineer for Logistics and Sustainment
Lockheed Martin

Pat Waddick
President, Innovation & Operation
Cirrus Aircraft

Dr. Sanjay Jagdale, Ph.D.
Founder Partner