Mastering the FA&D Supply Chain in the 21st Century

PTC’s new video, “Meet the Future of A&D,” is a front-row view of today’s most compelling defense challenges – from the industry’s foremost thought leader.

Meet the Future of A&D

PTC’s new video is a front-row view of today’s most compelling trends and opportunities in FA&D – from the industry’s foremost thought leader.

As a leading industrial partner supporting the DoD’s, strategic vision for the 21st century, rapid change is the only constant. Fast, cost-effective and future-ready response is required.

But before you can step up to the demands of that response, you need to address current challenges, including:

  • Uncertainty in program priorities and funding
  • Volatilities due to ongoing sequestration
  • A rapidly evolving cyber-threat landscape
  • Globally-dispersed product development dynamics

PTC’s newest video delivers insights and defines best practices for maintain your competitive technology advantage, and advancing your future vision, in the fact of these realities.

Powerful technology trends like physical digital convergence and augmented reality are explored, while specific case studies illustrate technology implications for global FA&D enterprises, including how:

  • A leading FA&D manufacturer integrated design, build and support functions across hundreds of programs
  • A major global airline spearheaded its $2B cost-reduction imitative through improved spare parts forecasting
  • And more…

You work hard to align your own strategy your customers’ vision, while maintaining your competitive edge. Take advantage of PTC’s unmatched experience and system-wide perspective today.