Accelerating innovation in A&D: New Insights

Today’s military leads – and the industrial partners who support them – face an increasingly dynamic array of emerging threats, including conventional, asymmetric and cyber. The warfighters who directly engage these threats rely on – and deserve – the very best systems and approaches that science and technology can offer.

PTC, a longtime partner to aerospace and defense industry innovators, now leads the way in preparing organizations for a physical-digital convergence, the technology paradigm that is redefining the future of design, manufacturing, sustainment, and readiness recovery.

"A Connected Strategy: The Core of Aerospace and Defense Modernization and Readiness Recovery" brochure delivers PTC's latest insights on the current environment, as well as defining key pillars of a winning approach:

  • Modularity of implementation to minimize disruption and deliver on goals
  • Velocity of contracting to reduce software costs while reinforcing capabilities
  • Secure cloud-based computing; FEDRamp-authorized and uniquely available from PTC

Continuing program success and consistent mission readiness rely on real-time, actionable, intelligence – the fuel that drives PTC’s vision for A&D.