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  • PTC Instructor

    This course explains in detail how Kepware Server connects with devices by using drivers. A large portion of this course focuses on channel, device, and tag settings.”

    – Laura Proctor, PTC University Education Development Manager

  • PTC Instructor

    In this course, we’ll configure the Kepware Server to connect to various devices. Different client interfaces, such as OPC, REST, ThingWorx, and others, are explored.”

    – Chris MacCormack, PTC University Technical Instructor

What Does a ThingWorx Kepware LEARN Subscription Include?

  • 20+ ThingWorx LEARN Sessions
    6+ ThingWorx Kepware LEARN Session

  • 78+ Hours of Instructor-Led Content

  • 2 ThingWorx Certifications
    1 ThingWorx Kepware Certification

  • 10+ eLearning Courses

ThingWorx Kepware eLearning

  • ThingWorx Kepware eLearning provides students with a high-level overview of ThingWorx Kepware capabilities. eLearning is an optimal choice for those who need a general orientation of the product interface and functionality. eLearning is self-paced training.

  • Tutorials are free, just-in-time learning solutions meant to solve immediate challenges. They allow for ThingWorx Kepware students to quickly move past common roadblocks.

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