Creo Certifications

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What is a Creo Certification?

A PTC University Creo Certification is our professional assurance that you have demonstrated a high level of product expertise. To become certified, you must pass a 30+ question exam that is designed around our world-class Creo training curriculum. Two certification attempts are included with purchase of our LEARN Online Subscription and you can choose to take either the Fundamentals and/or the Professional-level exam. Learn more below about what it means to be certified!

Why Should I Get Creo Certified?

Passing a PTC University Fundamentals or Professional-level certification exam is the best way to further your Creo professional development. Doing so proves to your network that you have extensive and measurable knowledge of Creo capabilities and functionalities. PTC University is the only recognized provider of Creo credentials, which means that passing our exam validates that you are an official PTC Power User.

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