Windchill Modeler SySim (formerly Integrity Modeler SySim)

Save time and reduce errors with early behavioral simulations

Windchill Modeler SySim is fully model driven: architecture, behavior, simulation, definition and visualization are all achieved with SysML models, with no need to focus on lower level details such as code generation or target environments. Windchill Modeler SySim is your reference tool for validating system behavior, making sure your SysML model is consistent and formally correct.

Unlike other tools which only provide predefined interfaces for communicating with the end users, Windchill Modeler SySim allows each subsystem user to generate an appropriate and intuitive simulation graphic. Graphical components are automatically prepared in a toolbox, from which they can be dropped onto a form to create each user interface, for a given simulation scenario. Predefined graphical components are also provided for the most common functions, such as input and output. Developing new graphical components is also made easy, using the de-facto standard Microsoft .NET platform.

Windchill Modeler SySim also systematically checks complex system behavior right from the beginning of specification phase, which enables early detection and correction of errors, inconsistencies and unwanted side effects. This approach enables reduced design walkthrough times and eliminates system errors, resulting in significant time and cost savings and on-time delivery.

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