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Vuforia is a comprehensive, scalable enterprise AR platform. Our wide-ranging solution suite ensures that we can provide the right AR technology to every customer based on their business needs.

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Whether you’re seeking to address the skills gap, streamline manufacturing processes, improve training and service efficiency, or customize marketing and sales efforts—this short quiz will help you determine which Vuforia industrial augmented reality solution is the best fit for your use case.

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Vuforia provides the fastest, easiest and most advanced AR content development solutions to help industrial enterprise customers address workforce challenges and meet business goals.

Vuforia Expert Capture
Vuforia Studio
Vuforia Engine
Vuforia Chalk

Vuforia Expert Capture

Discover the easiest way to create step-by-step AR instructions and AI-enhanced inspections that enable frontline workers to get their jobs done more quickly and accurately.

Vuforia Studio

Efficiently create immersive AR experiences that leverage existing 3D and IoT data—and improve worker safety, proficiency, and agility.

Vuforia Engine

Learn why over one million developers have chosen the advanced computer vision, calibrated performance, and cross-platform reach of Vuforia Engine, making it the most popular AR software on the planet.

Vuforia Chalk

Vuforia Chalk brings your technicians and experts together to solve problems faster and more effectively. Power your people with Chalk's augmented reality remote assistance.

PAC INNOVATION RADAR Report: Vuforia ranked #1 AR platform

In 2023, PAC ranked Vuforia as the top augmented reality platform for connected workers for the fifth time in a row. This report addresses top industrial use cases for augmented reality, and how scalability and value realization are accelerating the adoption of AR solutions.

Download the free report today to learn why Vuforia is the ranking leader, and the benefits of integrating augmented reality solutions with critical systems like CAD, PLM and IoT, and with new technologies like spatial computing and AI.

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With advanced computer vision, calibrated performance, and cross-platform reach, developers overwhelmingly turn to Vuforia Engine. Start developing today and see why it’s the most popular AR development software on the planet.

Take advantage of Vuforia AR developer resources

With advanced computer vision, calibrated performance, and cross-platform reach, developers overwhelmingly turn to Vuforia Engine. Start developing today and see why it’s the most popular AR development software on the planet.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Vuforia? What are the features of Vuforia?

    Vuforia is the leading enterprise AR solution that makes frontline work more efficient with AR work instructions at scale. Manufacturing and service companies can leverage AR to accelerate digital transformation strategies with Vuforia’s on-premises, cloud-hosted, and SaaS solutions.
  • What are the features of Vuforia?

    Vuforia solutions are based on PTC’s own computer vision technology trusted by millions of users providing companies with accurate object recognition to overlay real-world elements with digital content. Vuforia’s Model Targets and Area Targets deliver the best possible user experience for AR.
  • What is the purpose of Vuforia?

    Vuforia offers a comprehensive AR portfolio to capture and share expert knowledge on-the-job, source existing product data for CAD-based AR work instructions at scale, build AI-enhanced visual inspection checks, and help frontline workers with real-time remote assistance. Vuforia Studio, Expert Capture, and Chalk build the foundation for companies to integrate AR into existing systems, processes, and workflows.
  • Does Vuforia support mobile devices?

    Vuforia solutions support mobile devices and eyewear. Companies can provide their frontline workers with AR applications on phones, tablets, and AR headsets like the Microsoft HoloLens 2, Magic Leap, and RealWear devices.
  • Does Vuforia need coding?

    Vuforia offers no-code and low-code solutions to enable companies to solve their most critical problems with AR. The no-code SaaS solutions provide AR creators with fast time to market, while the low-code environment allows creators to configure and customize AR applications to their needs.
  • What is Vuforia Studio?

    Vuforia Studio is a scalable AR content creation solution that transforms existing 3D CAD or product data from PLM systems into detailed AR experiences tailored to specific product models and configurations. It enables frontline workers to better understand how to manufacture, operate and service complex products and equipment in the context of their physical work environments.
  • What is Vuforia Expert Capture?

    Vuforia Expert Capture is a SaaS AR solution designed to make frontline work more efficient. It enables companies to capture and share the domain knowledge of experts, and leverage 3D data to easily create AI-enhanced inspection procedures that improve knowledge transfer an increase production with an easy-to-learn collaborative SaaS solution.
  • What is Vuforia Chalk?

    Vuforia Chalk is a powerful remote assistance and collaboration tool that uses AR and real-time communications that enables experts to remotely assist technicians in solving complex or unfamiliar challenges. By adding digital annotations on a mobile screen or desktop, experts can guide technicians through processes step-by-step, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

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