Vuforia Spatial Toolbox

Accelerate the development of IoT, AR and spatial computing prototypes and use cases.

Explore the power of IoT, AR, and spatial computing

Use Vuforia Spatial Toolbox to create, innovate, and solve complex spatial problems in a whole new way:

  • Develop interfaces that facilitate spatial hardware programming.
  • Connect and bridge the programming of complex machines in-situ.
  • Simplify operation and control of Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

The Vuforia Spatial Toolbox innovates human machine interaction

The shared research platform offers unprecedented capabilities for the exploration of spatial computing, 
particularly when combined with Vuforia Engine’s computer vision and ThingWorx Kepware Server’s industrial connectivity.


Spatial Tools

Drag and drop pre-programmed elements like sliders, graphs, analytics or programming buttons to interact spatially with machines and systems.


Spatial Programming

Leverage the spatial programming tools or nodes with attached logic, to interact with the way the machine is programmed and make modifications if corrective action is needed.

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Spatial Robotic UIs

Program or reprogram the motion or behavior of robotics to ensure the proper action is being performed.

The Vuforia Spatial Toolbox platform consists of two components

This unique new spatial computing platform is designed to help alleviate development overhead for prototyping these innovative, next-gen AR tools.



Vuforia Spatial Toolbox Application

Features a drag and drop AR interface that enables the visualization of and interaction with the data and logic of connected objects and machines.


Vuforia Spatial Edge Server

Provides the platform on which developers can connect objects, customize the UI and expand the capabilities of the Vuforia Spatial Toolbox.


Explore. Develop. Prove. - Get started with your AR - Spatial Computing Experiment.

 A powerful open-source environment with pre-built UI/UX elements, spatial programming services, an intuitive UI app, and simplified connectivity to IoT. Started developing today and see where your imagination takes you.