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ThingWorx Navigate enables organizations to dramatically increase productivity and improve collaboration by radically simplifying data access. As intuitive as your average smartphone app, ThingWorx Navigate requires no training – making it ideal for expert and non-expert users alike. By offering self-service to more stakeholders throughout the enterprise, the design team can spend less time gathering and managing data while downstream teams gain real-time access to the product data they need. See just how ThingWorx Navigate is changing the game for PTC customers like Steelcase and Whirlpool Corporation.


Enterprise PLM and Connected Devices at Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool Corporation is going through a digital transformation in order to offer consumers a better home experience through its products. To achieve this, Whirlpool Corporation has partnered with PTC to revamp its enterprise PLM strategy. By connecting the organization’s various enterprise systems, Whirlpool Corporation is able to improve cross-functional collaboration. Discover how ThingWorx Navigate role-based apps can help get the most up-to-date data into the hands of the stakeholders who need it the most.


Polaris: Role and Task Based Access

Manufacturers continuously make changes to product information across multiple software platforms. This results in engineers and product designers spending way too much time verifying that the information they are leveraging is the most up-to-date. With ThingWorx Navigate, data from various connected systems is aggregated into one platform and shared with the stakeholders who need it the most – so stakeholders can feel confident that the information they're using is accurate. In this demonstration with Polaris, discover the art-of-the-possible for accessing product information based on your role in the organization.

Elite Aerospace Group: Making Product Data More Accessible for Downstream Teams

Manufacturers need to put valuable product data in the hands of downstream stakeholders. But that’s difficult when the data lives in a product lifecycle management (PLM) system geared to engineers. That was the situation facing Elite Aerospace Group (EAG), which designs, engineers, and manufactures aircraft components. By implementing ThingWorx Navigate, EAG can make product data more accessible to stakeholders throughout the enterprise.

Steelcase: Easy Access to Engineering Data on the Shop Floor

Manufacturers can’t afford to divert the attention of their product design teams. Yet that was the situation facing Steelcase whose stakeholders were spending too much time gathering data for colleagues on the shop floor. This global office furniture manufacturer overcame this challenge by using ThingWorx Navigate. With ThingWorx Navigate, Steelcase now offers stakeholders in production easy access to engineering data.

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