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Exceed customer expectations by improving and expediting the way you service products.

Today’s service organizations are leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to exceed customer demands and transform their spare parts operations. Leading analysts report*:


In order for organizations to position their service operations as revenue drivers, PTC believes they must:

1. Establish a path and vision: Clearly communicate service transformation goals. Motivate and energize the people who will facilitate that transformation.
2. Provide use cases: Create examples of how particular service capabilities will help you reach your business goals.
3. Build your skills and infrastructure: Acquire the talent and resources necessary to support and expedite service transformation.

These pathways move across the service journey and occur in three stages:

1. Understand: Make smarter decisions by analyzing your service and product data in real-time.
2. Advance: Differentiate your service offerings by improving service outcomes.
3. Outperform: Develop new service offerings and business models.

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Differentiate your service offering by improving and expediting the way you service products

PTC’s experience and capabilities enable you to create, implement and support both the solutions and platforms necessary for a complete IoT transformation, making us uniquely qualified to guide you through your journey.

How can your service organization navigate these new possibilities?

How can your service organization navigate these new possibilities?

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PTC leverages best-in-class technologies and partnerships to offer powerful, purpose-built solutions that let your company take full advantage of the IoT. No matter what the future brings, we’re ready to help you outperform the competition.

* IDC Manufacturing Insights #US41757116
* The Service Council, Research Report: Is it time for IoT to become part of the feld service landscape?