Service Parts Management

An Optimized Service Parts Supply Chain is Vital to Staying Competitive

Today, service operations must provide the highest level of equipment availability at the lowest possible cost. PTC Service Parts Management is the only fully-integrated software solution that truly optimizes your global service parts supply network to eliminate parts-related disruptions.

Robust parts forecasting and optimization combined with “what-if” scenario modeling allows you to enter into service contracts more confidently, and with a better understanding of the inherent risk while paving the way for diversified service offerings such as Product as a Service that will open up new revenue streams.

Industry-Leading Service Organizations Rely On PTC Service Parts Management

With a target to reduce overall costs by $2 billion, Qantas needed to reduce service parts costs by 30%. Learn how PTC helped Qantas achieve that goal.

Using PTC, NedTrain’s parts availability rate rose to 94% at the location level and 98.5% at the network level. Discover the other critical objectives NedTrain achieved.

Apply the Full Power of PTC Service Parts Management to Smaller Inventories

PTC offers Service Parts Management functionality to service organizations planning for smaller inventories while still providing the same seamless, single-instance software with the broadest, most sophisticated functionality in the market.

Ready to learn more? Consult with a PTC SPM for Smaller Inventories expert today.


Better Answers, Better Planning, Better Results

PTC Service Parts Management drives world-class service delivery at the lowest possible cost, ensuring service organizations improve customer loyalty, profitability, and competitive advantages. Clients that use PTC Service Parts Management experience:

  • Up to 25% percent increased part availability.
  • Up to 35% percent inventory reduction.
  • Increased asset up-time and availability.
  • Reduced total cost of repairs and orders.
  • Improved service levels and customer satisfaction.
  • Increased profitability and revenue.


Launching Your Service Transformation

Let us help you get started by identifying where you stand today and provide specific recommendations to share with your colleagues.

Get a customized report based on your organization’s parts strategy and inventory needs.

Take the PTC Service Parts Management Benefits Assessment to rapidly quantify your current capabilities and identify direction for next steps based on maximizing your ROI.


We recognize that implementing a service parts management solution is a critical buying decision and a real commitment. PTC will partner with you to see the project through and ensure your success. Ready to learn more?

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