Windchill InService

Enables Interactive, Access To Product-Centric Service Content

Windchill InService enables access to relevant product information by all parties using permissions to filter content as appropriate and facilitates the delivery of product-centric data throughout the enterprise.


Allowing for easy distribution and update of product, parts and service information, Windchill InService provides in-house service teams or dealer/distributor networks with readily accessible, accurate and timely information that improves service performance.

Features & Benefits Windchill InService

  • Deliver accurate, up to date technical and parts information, for sales and service by serial number, product line, model or options

  • Provides access to a real-time repository to view accurate, high-quality technical and parts information with relevant product configurations and operating conditions

  • Allows users to navigate technical information easily by representing product-centric data in an interactive, 2D/3D graphical manner

  • Enables online and offline service and parts information

Windchill InService Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Windchill InService is now available as a SaaS offering which reduces infrastructure costs and provides a faster time to value.  Click here to learn more.