Deliver Technical Information

Leverage mobility to deliver product service information to field service teams, product end-users and other aftermarket individuals.

All too often, the moment a service organization prints technical documentation – whether they be service manuals or parts catalogs – the content itself is outdated. Engineering may apply changes to product parts or components while the documentation itself is still in production.

The ubiquity of mobile devices across product end-users and field service warrants a new method of delivering technical information. Enabling technicians, customers, and other individuals in the aftermarket to receive service information through smartphones, tablets, and (for some) augmented reality not only increases convenience but also enhances efficiency.

Information Delivery Best Practices

  • Supports various content formats, such as XML, PDF, and 2D and 3D graphics.

  • Runs over cloud infrastructures.

  • Displays information that reflects in-field product configurations.

  • Displays information that reflects in-field product configurations.

  • Aggregates content from multiple sources and validates the accuracy of that information.

  • Operates offline when internet connections are unavailable.

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