Global Healthcare Company Case Study

“We started the process by looking at how we wanted to connect people-to-people and people-to-knowledge,” says a customer senior executive. “But we later realized that our company was confronting a moment of change. The task wasn’t just about modifying our documentation process. We needed to reinvent our business practices for creating, delivering, and updating service knowledge.

The customer generated US$11 B (€10 B) in 2014 and had 37,000 employees working in 100 counties. Strong healthcare spending continues to fuel demand for its imaging, diagnostic, and informatics products and services business. Sales growth is particularly strong in non-English speaking regions


Partnering to create an end-to-end process

The customer began looking for an end-to-end solution for managing technical content in concert with parts information. It soon discovered that PTC was one of the few companies that could actually provide an end-to-end approach for service and connect it to the product lifecycle

A close collaboration with PTC led to a new service roadmap for providing knowledge to an increasing diverse worldwide user base

“We are working with the customer to implement the roadmap over the next three years,” says Elric Froute, global program director for PTC. “Its process will become more streamlined as knowledge management is further integrated into its lifecycle management system.”


PTC delivers solutions and strategies

The customer’s senior executive notes that several vendors offered solutions for creating and managing documents, but she selected PTC, in part, because its team was eager to work in partnership. “PTC was the only company that really looked at our full product lifecycle,” she says.

PTC implemented its solutions across multiple business units. These solutions include Windchill Service Information Manager (SIM), Arbortext Editor, and Creo Illustrate. PTC also is helping to further integrate PTC Axeda into the customer’s technology ecosystem.

Windchill SIM is enabling the customer to better organize and manage service content and facilitate content reuse across product families. PTC is finding new ways to exploit Axeda’s capabilities and opportunities for leveraging the Internet of Things.

“Our business processes already play off each other,” says the senior executive. “Windchill gave us a common environment for managing our workflow in alignment with our business processes and linking the product information into a continuous flow, ultimately supporting our service business as they work with our customers.”


Service & parts information streamlines workflow

The customer has pursued an acquisitions strategy to increase its healthcare business product portfolio over the last several years. As a result, the individual teams that make up the technical authoring division often used different strategies and tools to complete assignments. With authors located around the world, this approach made it challenging to monitor projects and establish standard best practice

By partnering with PTC, the customer was able to consolidate and standardize its way of working. These changes and new standardized workflows and tools are significantly improving efficiency.

The three-year roadmap calls for additional PTC product implementations and service engagements, including projects to deploy PTC InService and Windchill Service Parts. InService will provide the customer’s sales and service staff with online or offline access to technical content and parts information. Windchill Service Parts will deliver an efficient tool for converting detailed engineering CAD data into service bills-of-material. Up-to-date sBOMs will improve service delivery and help to automate parts delivery. PTC also plans to continue expanding the customer’s Internet of Things footprin

PTC now has deployed the system to an initial 50 users who will facilitate the transition to the new tools, structured authoring process, and global workflow. After this foundation is established, additional training sessions will be used to on-board 500 more users.


Roadmap to greater efficiency and flexibility

PTC completed the initial phases of work on time and within budget, and its out-of-the-box tools and workflow are already producing results. Authors are completing assigned tasks at least 20 percent more efficiently, and these gains are giving them time to move on to new projects more quickly.

One writer recently demonstrated a procedure for importing CAD engineering drawings into PTC Creo and converting them into illustrations. He was able to reduce the time required to convert a complex motor drawing to publishing-friendly format from 40 hours to just 45 minutes.

“We are now where we can do structured authoring,” says the senior executive. “PTC has been our advisor throughout this process. They leveraged their understanding of the product lifecycle and helped us create a new way of working.”

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