Service Parts Management for Commercial Airlines

Optimize Inventory, Increase Fleet Uptime, Lower Cost Per Flight Hour

Commercial airlines face unrelenting pressure in a volatile, competitive landscape. Too often, this pressure forces airlines into a reactive position, operating day-to-day with a disjointed, inefficient approach to MRO planning.

Engaging in a holistic, long-view strategy of inventory and parts management has a concrete impact on the numbers that matter most: more fleet uptime, lower cost per flight hour, shorter service calls and, last but not least, higher revenue.


Learn how leading airlines optimize their inventory while reducing costs.

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Take Control with Service Parts Management Software

Managing a global, multi-echelon supply chain is a hugely complex undertaking. Working with a service parts management (SPM) solution organizes and streamlines those efforts, allowing you create optimized inventory holdings.  


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PTC’s SPM solution allows you to:

  • Optimize inventory across multiple global sites
  • Divest unneeded inventory
  • Optimize use of rotables and repairables
  • Create long-term forecasts for part needs and availability
  • Share precise Target Stocking Levels (TSLs) across sites
  • Improve fleet maintenance metrics
  • Increase aircraft availability
  • Reduce work stoppages
  • Increase revenue

PTC’s service parts management solutions help commercial airlines realize greater value in complex, multi-echelon supply chain situations, keeping aircraft maintained and in the air.

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