Warranty Processing, Registration and Access

Web-Based Warranty Registration and Access

PTC’s products for warranty claim processing, registration and access allow global users to initiate warranty processes, complete web-based registrations, access warranty information and workflows to participate throughout the entire warranty chain lifecycle.

  • Warranty Registration enables web-based warranty registration for product owners and online self-service access for end customers and service partners to provide registration information specific to the products. Warranty registration also allows manufacturers to capture upfront knowledge about the owner and operator of the specific product.

  • Warranty Access provides online access for the global service network and internal business users to view and participate in active warranty workflows.

Warranty Processing, Registration and Access Features and Benefits

  • Allows global users to initiate — and participate throughout — the warranty lifecycle

  • Encourages continual warranty information sharing between manufacturer and service network

  • Helps manufacturer gain insight to product owner and service partner usage of the products