Windchill 11 Launch Telecast

Award-winning Windchill 11 enables Product Lifecycle Management that is smart, connected, complete and flexible—unlike any other PLM software on the market. Watch this telecast to learn how Windchill 11 leverages PTC’s unique Internet of Things (IoT) technology, ThingWorx™, to deliver new levels of connectivity and process improvements across the entire closed-loop product lifecycle. See product demonstrations and hear leading companies Airbus, Trans-matic, Lifetime and iRobot describe how their businesses benefit from Windchill PLM today.

    ...these role-based apps will better enable casual PLM users to access and work with information managed by Windchill 11. This continues PTC's efforts to democratize PLM and make it accessible to more non-engineering and technical personnel.

    – CIMdata Reviews Windchill 11
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