Windchill Weibull

Life Data Analysis Predicts Part Failure

Weibull analysis, also called life data analysis, estimates a product's important life data characteristics — including reliability or probability of failure at a specific time, mean life and failure rate. To accurately predict performance over a product’s life, it's essential to gather and analyze life data from a variety of sources, including design and development, testing, field studies and customer returns.

Windchill Weibull predicts failure behavior using data from all phases of a product’s life. The software enables manufacturers to track reliability growth, analyze product degradation, plan product testing procedures, calculate optimal maintenance periods and perform warranty forecasting — in one powerful statistical package.

Windchill Weibull Features and Benefits

  • Effective for all types of products, including mechanical, chemical, electronic, material and human failures
  • Supports numerous data-gathering methodologies, including inspection, interval, exact times and suspensions
  • Supports reliability growth methodologies to measure product improvement during the design phase
  • Supports degradation analysis to estimate failure times by tracking part decline
  • Performs warranty forecasting using sales and returns data
  • Features intuitive interface tools, plus a comprehensive selection of plots and graphs

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