Smart PLM with Windchill 11

Keep Everyone Informed and Connected to a Single Source of Truth for Product Data and Processes

Developing today’s products is a fast-paced, highly dynamic process involving more people and disciplines than ever before. Keeping everyone informed and connected to a single source of truth for product data and processes is vital to accurate decisions, high-quality work, and timely product releases.

Windchill 11 introduces new role-base apps, called PTC Navigate to get the right product data to more people– faster, easier, and in context with the work they do.

See Chris Bergquist, Senior Channel Solutions Director at PTC, introduce and demonstrate the new role-based apps technology in Windchill 11.

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See how role-based apps unleash product data to all stakeholders with Windchill 11. Watch here.

That's Just Smart

PLM Access for All Stakeholders

"...these role-based apps will better enable casual PLM users to access and work with information managed by Windchill 11. This continues PTC's efforts to democratize PLM and make it accessible to more non-engineering and technical personnel."

- CIMData
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Windchill 11 delivers new capabilities to make PLM smarter:

  • Role Based Apps: Unleash the power of PLM by getting the right product data to more stakeholders – faster, easier, and in context with the work they do – by eliminating complex user interfaces and extensive training.

  • New Search: Multifaceted search capabilities make finding and reusing parts faster, more intuitive, and more streamlined.

  • Improved IP Protection: Support your “design anywhere, build anywhere” strategy with enhanced security features that keep your data and projects secure across internal and third-party collaborators around the world.

  • OSLC Standards: Windchill 11 is a smart, open PLM system. PTC has incorporated OSLC standards for greater collaboration and connection to other systems.


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