Windchill 11 BOM Capabilities

Manage the Broadest Set of Data and Processes

Today’s product development complexity demands PLM that manages more data and processes in more nimble ways: enabling parts-centric design, reducing time to market, streamlining collaboration, and improving the accuracy and speed of decision-making.

Watch Matt Sheridan, PLM Product Marketing Director, introduce the new BoM management and BoM transformation capabilities of Windchill 11.

Windchill 11 delivers new capabilities to make PLM complete:

  • Enhanced BoM Transformation: Improve collaboration across teams with smooth transitions between eBoM, mBoM, and sBoM; as well as visual side-by-side BoM comparisons and changes that cascade automatically across BoMs

  • Updated BoM Management: Create and manage a complete, parts-centric BoM with improvements to visualization, parts definition, and variants management.

  • Manage Creo 3.0 Breakthroughs: Leverage the latest design exploration capabilities and Unite technology to manage any supported third-party CAD file in its native format.

  • Many, Many More: Additional new capabilities enhance project collaboration, visualization in Creo View, Customer Experience Management, and much more.

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See how the new BoM functionality helps manage a complete, multidisciplinary product definition. Watch here.


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