Windchill 11 Telecast: Part 2

Video Transcript

Airbus Helicopters is the leader in the industry. We have 12,000 helicopters flying around the world, 3000 customers in 152 countries, and the beauty of our product is that it serves our customers for a wide variety of missions; from public services, customer air transport, oil and gas, VIPs and aerial work.
We continue to innovate in helicopter design because we need to permanently improve our customers’ products. Innovation is more than a technique. It’s a mindset. It’s something we must promote in all our environments.
Our core PLM backbone, powered by Windchill, is a key element of our born-ready strategy, aiming at maturity at entry into service. We now have, since the very beginning of the H160 developments, a system that allows digital continuity and that gives transparency to all disciplines. This will allow us a seamless transition from development, to entry into service, and then to support.
Thanks to PLM, our product definition is shared between engineering, production and support. Thanks to Windchill’s powerful capabilities in configuration management, concurrent engineering, and product data management, we could design and elaborate features that bring value to the H160 program quickly.
We are now scaling up our Windchill backbone to deploy it on our full range of helicopter products. We also want to go for the next big thing in PLM. As an example, we would like to connect the system engineering and the design world and we do believe that Integrity can help us in that way.
We strive to go from the biggest to the best. These values are underlying everything we do here at Airbus Helicopters.
Thanks to our partnership with PTC, we have been able to deploy our PLM vision and our backbone in the H160 in a hugely demanding environment.