Integrity Modeler Reviewer

Ensure System Model Accuracy and Consistency

Integrity Modeler Reviewer is a powerful design reviewer integrated with PTC Integrity Modeler. It provides all you need to measure the quality of your design and identify design faults quickly and easily. Active mentoring reduces the reliance on experts by giving every engineer the consequences and strategies associated with each reported error.

Integrity Modeler Reviewer features and benefits:

  • Improve model quality
  • Reduce time spent on design
  • 100+ out-of the box, UPDM, SysML and UML design reviews
  • Browser look and feel
  • Model spell checker
  • Summary reports for management and engineers
  • Detailed reports, outlining errors
  • Fix-it, update of model from within Integrity Modeler Reviewer
  • Active mentoring, detailing the consequences of not fixing errors and proposed solution

Convenient Software and Service Subscription

  • Finance software and support together with streamlined, transparent payment model
  • Reduce upfront software costs and wasteful licenses; align budget to immediate benefits through our subscription-based offerings.