Digitally Transform Your BOM

Choose the Steps That Best Meet Your Needs

The backbone of your product definitions is the Bill of Materials (BOM). Without up-to-date BOMs synchronized across your enterprise, data gets scattered and becomes obsolete. To keep parts information current, contextual, and accessible, you need a centralized BOM approach.

Windchill is the best-in-class PLM solution for BOM management. It gives every team the critical information they need to make better product decisions. From design to manufacturing, purchasing to service, BOM is the single source of truth for the product lifecycle.

Here are some of the steps you can take to start, or continue your BOM transformation:

  • BOM Reporting & Analytics – Create and tailor smart, connected PLM reports
  • BOM Structure – Easily create and update multi-level BOMs              
  • BOM Visualization – View product data at the same detail level as models and drawings
  • Change Management – Easily implement a robust change management process that scales      
  • Connected PLM – Add real-time failure reporting with instant analysis from smart products  
  • Enterprise Collaboration – A single, accessible platform stores all PLM data
  • Supplier Management – Capture approved vendor and manufacturer lists, optimize part re-use and control supplier quality      
  • Parts Classification & Reuse – Classify product components for efficient search and reuse
  • Production Planning – Create upstream and downstream BOM variations, and manage a variety of associated manufacturing assets. 
  • Quality – Proactively find quality issues before they become expensive recalls or support headaches

Take some time to explore the success of those who’ve implemented Windchill for BOM management.

Ready to accelerate product development and time to market? Want to do it while lowering costs? Contact PTC to learn about Windchill PLM and BOM management, and even schedule a free demonstration.  

Learn the Steps to Creating a Complete, Digital BOM.

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