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PLM for Service: Optimize your Service Operations

Improve your service performance and technician efficiency with end-to-end management and delivery of configuration-specific service and parts information.

Use PLM to Improve Service Agility and Efficiency

As your company’s service leader, you’re under pressure to digitally transform your organization. Yet, a survey conducted by Tech-Clarity of over 100 service leaders discovered 54% of respondents experience poor customer satisfaction due to inaccurate service information. How do you focus on improving service efficiency if you’re constantly burdened with customer escalations?

With PLM, you extend the most up-to-date service and parts information from engineering into service in a highly accessible way. As a result, you will resolve service issues with a faster first-time-fix rate, less equipment downtime and greater technician productivity.

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Optimize your Service Organization with PLM

With PLM, your service team will gain access to the latest product-centric service and parts information, improving overall efficiency while reducing operational costs.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Improve first-time-fix-rate by 90% or more

Service Costs

Save an estimated $6M annually in operational related costs.

Decrease Service Overhead

Service Overhead

Achieve up to an 80% drop in service calls/emails related to parts identification

PLM Capabilities for Service

For manufacturers embarking on digital transformation, PLM provides a solid foundation for the smart, connected enterprise by enabling a digital thread of information.

Service Process Management

Change and Configuration Management

Quality Management

BOM Management

Service Process Management

Manage a trustworthy, up-to-date source of interactive service and parts information to improve customer satisfaction

Change and Configuration Management

Make dynamic, fast-paced, coordinated changes throughout the product lifecycle to ensure all stakeholders are accessing the most up-to-date product information.

Quality Management

Continually improve the quality of the product and reduce service instances to improve customer satisfaction.

BOM Management

Provide full traceability between engineering, manufacturing, sales, and service with comprehensive out-of-the-box BOM Management.

Deploying PLM at Liebherr-Components Biberach

Deploying a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) backbone was key to Liebherr-Components Biberach digital transformation. Providing accurate product and parts information across engineering, manufacturing, and service drove efficiencies in the company’s pricing strategy. Learn how this directly impacted service revenue.

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