Managing Requirements Helps Organizations Deliver Better Products | PTC

Requirements management is an integral part of developing quality products that meet market and customer needs. Effective requirements management ensures that product and business objectives are met by providing approved and up-to-date requirements accessible to all members of the project team. It also ensures that projects are delivered on schedule by providing a means to analyze and communicate changes in requirements.

Requirements in fact may be the most critical aspect of the product development lifecycle. Studies point to a more than 60% failure rate for engineering projects in the U.S., with poor requirements as one of the top five reasons. Many of these challenges stem from a lack of traceability between requirements and from requirements, to other artifacts throughout the development lifecycle. The right requirements management solution is necessary to help product organizations drive shorter cycle times, superior quality and complete traceability.

Without traceability across the lifecycle phases, how do you know if your final product meets the requirements of your users? How do you ensure that you have tested against the correct requirements? How do you satisfy audit and compliance demands? Product organizations that need to deliver better products, faster which satisfy actual business and market demands need a robust Requirements Management solution. By addressing the primary causes of project failure, organizations gain efficiency that reduces time to market and development costs, and increases customer satisfaction.

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