Capture How Your BOM Processes Affect Your Engineering Team



Product development is faster and more complex than ever. Your systems and digital processes must keep up with the fast growing adoption of the Internet of Things technologies, including smart products and smart manufacturing. It is time for engineering to digitally transform the way they create, manage, and share product data.

For most engineering teams, product data is managed in multiple formats, systems and silos. Downstream teams such as manufacturing, procurement and purchasing, constantly send you requests for up-to-date product data. The result for you? Your time is spent on data administration versus product design and innovation. The result if you don’t provide this information? Downstream teams may use out of date product data and critical changes are lost. Parts are overstocked and scrapped. Your bottom line suffers. Sound familiar?

Take our survey. Does your company suffer from these problems? How does your current BOM approach impact your team and others? Take the survey and find out.