Digitally Transform Purchasing, Supplier Management, and Quality

Help establish the BOM to be the single source of truth

Do you know 70% of companies will create connected products in 2017? As innovation speeds up and the Internet of Things (IoT) grows, your product development processes need to develop. The days of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) being solely an engineering task are over. Teams from purchasing, supplier management, and quality are now critical to a product’s success. They need access to a complete, up-to-date BOM at every stage of a product’s lifecycle.

The seamless flow of product data from one team to the next is critical. Make the engineering BOM (EBOM) your single source of truth for product data. Synchronize it with your Manufacturing BOM (MBOM) or Service BOM (SBOM) and you can:

  •      Drive use of preferred suppliers and components.
  •      Easily enable volume purchase agreements.
  •      Accelerate time-to-market and time-to-volume.
  •      Improve change management efficiency.

The results? Better product decisions, tighter collaboration, and higher profits.

Think holistically about your products — from design to manufacture to service — and integrate processes to ensure that each function benefits from the other

– IDC, Smart, Connected Products in Manufacturing,

Whether you’re using Excel spreadsheets or a fully integrated PLM platform, PTC can help with your digital transformation. We’ll help you connect purchasing, manufacturing and services to engineering, including:

  •      BOM structure and reporting.
  •      Parts classifications and reuse.
  •      Change management.
  •      Supplier management.
  •      Enterprise collaboration.

Are you ready to transform your BOM? Contact us to talk about solutions and even schedule a demonstration.