Partnering for Digital Transformation

PTC has helped companies with their digital transformation for more than 30 years. Our global presence includes over 28,000 Windchill customers. They range from heavy industry leaders like Ingersoll-Rand, Piaggio, and Airbus Helicopters to thousands of small-to-medium businesses.

PTC delivers an end-to-end, closed loop PLM solution, covering the entire product lifecycle. In fact, Frost & Sullivan presented PTC with the PLM Technology Leadership Award for that exact reason.

With IoT platform integration and a 'Closed-Loop Lifecycle Management', PTC has built cutting-edge, industry-leading technologies to cater to the PLM needs of its customers. With its strong overall performance, PTC has earned Frost & Sullivan‘s Global IoT PLM Technology Leadership Award.

— Frost & Sullivan Read the full review (PDF)

Your bill of materials and product data are managed from conception to service. Take control over your product definitions with up to date information accessible by all your teams. This includes full traceability and support for building smart, connected products.