Maximize The Value of Your BOM with PTC

How Companies Achieve Outstanding Results

The IoT, Smart Manufacturing or Industry 4.0 – however you refer to it, it’s here – and the need for digital transformation has never been greater. A digital approach to your BOM is necessary when creating smart, connected products. It allows you to manage the abundance and complexity of data. The right BOM management approach, synchronized across the value chain, gives everyone access to the same up-to-date data.

Learn how your peers use Windchill for BOM management. See how they save time and money, and improve innovation of their products. You can do the same, by partnering with PTC. 

GE Appliances – Reduces the release management process by 75%, from 1 hour to less than 15 minutes. They drive consistency in the design of products with a consolidated preferred parts list, reducing the number of unique parts by 30%.

Engineers now spend less time searching for and verifying information and more time in collaborative development.

- Director of Advanced Engineering, Plastic Packaging Manufacturer

CNB Yacht Builders - deployed Windchill out-of-the-box and saw immediate improvements in their engineering process, starting with lean collaboration through the different activities and organization, and managing product configurations.

Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesNagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works reduces time-to-design new products by 87%. They also reduce the time-to-design variants by 55% because they can now repurpose existing designs.

Strattec Security CorporationRecognize annual benefits of over $1,000,000/year through BOM management improvements. In 11 months, they achieved a 100% return on their investment in Windchill. 

“[PTC] enables us to provide broader visibility of our design files both between design authors and extended team members and ensure the right information is always accessible.”

- Steven Bugros Senior Mechanical Designer/Windchill Administrator, Brookhaven National Laboratory

SRAM - By eliminating redundant information and misplaced documents, SRAM engineers save up to two hours each week. This efficiency and time savings makes it possible to have 4x the number of active projects being developed simultaneously.


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