Break Down Silos Between Engineering and Manufacturing

Ensure a seamless flow of information and effective collaboration

Is your company struggling to deliver innovative, quality products –- on time and within budget -- that satisfy customer and market demands?

If so, you’re not alone. Companies of all sizes feel the following impacts due to manufacturing challenges they’re facing:

  • Delayed time to market
  • Higher manufacturing costs
  • Damaged brand reputation

Good news, though! Many leading companies have solved these challenges and more by embracing PTC’s PLM solution, Windchill. Watch the following videos to see different solution capabilities in action.

Eliminate the Silos that Plague Manufacturing Planning and Execution

Effective collaboration between engineering and manufacturing is critical to delivering innovative, quality products that capture market share. With PTC’s PLM solution, you can break down the information silos and improve visibility across the organization. Your engineering and manufacturing teams can work concurrently. In turn, you save time, reduce costs, improve product quality, and get to market faster.

Embrace the PTC solution to:

  • Enable better access to product engineering information early in the process
  • Ensure interoperability across the systems, tools, and file formats used by product engineering and manufacturing
  • Streamline processes for efficiently creating and maintaining accurate upstream and downstream deliverables

Here is a sampling of companies using Windchill to improve manufacturing planning:

  • BMW Group enables concurrent production planning, empowering users to shorten the product development cycle and overall time to market.
  • CNB Yacht Builders combines engineering, manufacturing, quality, and service data into a seamless flow across the product lifecycle.
  • KOEL a leading manufacturer of air-cooled and liquid-cooled diesel engines, enables collaborative product development across engineering, manufacturing, service, and ERP.
  • MAN Truck & Bus a leading international provider of commercial vehicles and transport solutions, provides easy access to up-to-date product data across the enterprise.
  • NAVANTIA a leading global shipbuilder, is improving accuracy and transparency between engineering and manufacturing.

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Enterprise PLM and Connected Devices at Whirlpool

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