Advanced Engineering Math

Solve Advanced Engineering Mathematics with PTC Mathcad

As an engineer you are tasked with solving countless equations. Many of these equations require advanced engineering mathematics that can be tedious when executed in a spreadsheet or by hand. See how PTC Mathcad can help you quickly and easily solve any number of your advanced engineering math problems. We’ve created free Advanced Engineering Mathematics worksheets so you can test how PTC Mathcad can solve all your advanced engineering math equations.

Advanced Engineering Math Tip and Trick of the Week:

When converting from PTC Mathcad 15 to PTC Mathcad Prime, many inline routines use sequential if statements. In PTC Mathcad Prime, else if can be used to create a “case” or “switch” statement. This applies to otherwise if and also if. The good news is you simply click on the first also if, change it to else if and all the others in that programming block change as well. Pretty cool!

See just a few of the ways PTC Mathcad can help solve your advanced engineering mathematics:

Advanced Engineering Mathematics Calculus


  • Evaluate calculus numerically and/or symbolically
  • Take both definite and indefinite integrals
  • Perform high order derivatives

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Data Analysis & Design of Experiments

  • Compute data regressions
  • Construct design matrices
  • Develop statistical models
  • Perform Monte Carlo simulations

Advanced Engineering Mathematics Laplace Transformations

Laplace Transformations

  • Symbolically evaluate Laplace and inverse Laplace transformations to switch between time and frequency domains

Advanced Engineering Mathematics Complex Analysis

Complex Analysis

  • Incorporate complex numbers into calculations
  • Evaluate complex numbers in rectangular or polar form

Advanced Engineering Mathematics Fourier Analysis

Fourier Analysis

  • Symbolically and/or numerically evaluate Fourier transform
    and inverse Fourier transforms to analyze signals
  • Compute Fourier series coefficients and polynomials

Advanced Engineering Mathematics Differential Equations

Differential Equations

  • Solve 1st , 2nd, or higher order differential equations
  • Compute solutions to both ordinary and partial differential equations
  • Solve systems of differential equations

Advanced Engineering Mathematics Optimization


  • Optimize linear and nonlinear systems of equations
  • Constrained and unconstrained optimization problems

Advanced Engineering Mathematics Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra

  • Solve eigenvalue problems and systems of equations using matrices
  • Manipulate vectors and matrices in various ways using matrix operators