PTC On-Premise License Agreements and Documents

For On-Premise customers (meaning that you will be hosting the PTC products yourself, as opposed to engaging PTC to host the products for you), the license agreement consists of four documents outlined below. These documents are provided for your review, download and printing.


PTC End User License Agreement

PTC Licensing Basis Table

Schedule of Third Party Terms

A Quote will be generated by PTC Sales or Reseller. Please contact your PTC Sales representative or Reseller for a Quote

This document describes the general legal terms that apply to the license purchased. It is referenced in the Quote, and also you may be required to accept the agreement when you install the products.

This document supplements the PTC End User License Agreement with information about the licensing basis and restrictions for each of PTC’s products.

For older versions of this document, see the archive.

This document contains additional terms which apply to a) third party software components contained in PTC software products and  b) third party software products bundled for distribution with PTC software products.


PTC End User License Agreement for:

Schedule of Third Party Terms