What’s New in ThingWorx Version 8.2

What’s New in ThingWorx Version 8.2

New Developer Tools for Enhanced Efficiency and Application Performance

  • A new protocol adapter toolkit for MQTT enables easy connection to IoT devices using MQTT and custom protocols
  • Significant productivity and style power for Mashups made possible with the addition of a CSS Editor and Collection Widget
  • NextGen Composer enhancements improve efficiency of application development

New Options and Enhancements for Analytics Deployments Offer More Flexibility

  • Standalone deployments now offer native Windows installers in addition to Linux
  • New distributed server deployment option enables deployments to be easily scaled via web-based user interface to meet business and performance requirements
  • ThingWorx Analytics Trial Edition is now available for both Windows and Linux environments

New Advanced Augmented Reality Tracking Capabilities Enhance User Experiences

  • New spatial tracking widget provides the ability to do “table-top” augmented reality anywhere
  • Support for model (CAD)-based tracking enables users to create overlay AR experiences that don’t require a ThingMark
  • Hands-free animation playback simplifies usability by allowing users to easily pause and restart animated sequences

Improved Customer Licensing Experience

  • Documentation and critical functionality are now easily updated based on a recent review of the licensing journey
  • Major and minor product upgrades no longer require a new license file, simplifying upgrade processes
  • Customers can build a simple, clear licensing portal experience that reduces product deployment friction

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