VDC Research Whitepaper

The Internet of Things (IoT) is forever transforming the embedded landscape. Gateways are one of the fastest growing and developing device categories in the embedded market and has evolved to address the growing computational and intelligence requirement of the IoT.

“Organizations are recognizing their utility for data filtering, analysis and distributed monitoring and control…. Java, for example, continues making inroads for IoT and embedded development.” – Chris Rommel, VDC Research

VDC Research recently published a whitepaper titled, “The Real Need for Real-Time Java Gateway Solutions” highlighting how IoT has accelerated the evolution of traditional embedded device classes.

According to VDC Research, the need for gateway solutions in IoT are:

  • Increasingly intelligent edge devices
  • The rapidly growing amount of data being created by IoT devices
  • Standardization of fragmented and evolving wire/wireless Technology 
  • And the growing experience developing with Java in embedded engineering organizations

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