Embedded Market Forecasters Whitepaper

Java programming language has been the leading technology for developing applications, and now with the Internet of Things (IoT) & Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Java has become an essential tool to bridge the gap between IT and embedded technologies.

Embedded Market Forecasters recently published a white paper titled “Real-time Java and the IOT Bridging the Chasm between IT and Embedded Connected Devices” highlighting the benefits of Java as a programming language in the IOT world and why it makes sense to choose Java over C++ developers.

2016 EMF Annual Survey of Embedded Developers Results on:

  • Why Developers choose not to use Java
  • Why Developers choose to use Java
  • Who’s Working on IoT Applications or Devices: C++ vs. Java
  • Cost of IoT Development
  • 64- bit Development
  • Design Outcomes

To read more, download the full whitepaper today!