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Built on the legacy of Pro/ENGINEER, CoCreate and ProductView, Creo is a family of design software which will help companies unlock potential within their organizations. Product designers and engineers will be more productive, enabling better data sharing and design reviews with customers and suppliers, and preventing unforeseen service and manufacturing issues.

Pro/ENGINEER, CoCreate and ProductView provide the foundational elements of the Creo vision, delivering proven performance in 2D and 3D CAD, CAE, CAM, CAID and visualization. Creo not only protects your existing investment in these products, but provides a smooth path to the future.

PTC Creo New vision. Same path to success.

Pro-ENGINEER | CoCreate | ProductView

Product Mapping for Creo and Pro/ENGINEER




Creo Parametric


Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Assembly Extension Creo Advanced Assembly Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Mechanica Creo Advanced Simulation Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Rendering Creo Advanced Rendering Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Behavioral Modeling Extension
Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Complete Machining
Creo Complete Machining Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Complete Mold Design
Creo Complete Mold Design Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Computer-Aided Verification
Creo Computer-Aided Verification Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Distributed Pro/BATCH
Creo Distributed Computing Extension
Pro/ENGINEER ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Extension Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Expert Framework Extension Creo Advanced Framework Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Expert Moldbase Extension Creo Expert Moldbase Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Fatigue Advisor
Creo Fatigue Advisor Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Interactive Surface Design Extension Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Manikin Analysis Extension
Creo Human Factors Analysis Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Manikin Extension Creo Human Factors Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica
Creo Simulate
Pro/ENGINEER Mechanism Dynamics Creo Mechanism Dynamics Extension
Pro/ENGINEER NC Sheetmetal Creo NC Sheetmetal Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Piping and Cabling Extension Creo Piping and Cabling Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling Creo Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Progressive Die Creo Progressive Die Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Reverse Engineering Creo Reverse Engineering Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems Designer Creo Schematics
Pro/ENGINEER Spark Analysis Extension Creo Clearance and Creepage Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Tolerance Analysis Extension Creo Tolerance Analysis Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Tool Design Creo Tool Design Extension
Pro/TOOLKIT Customization API Creo Toolkit
Pro/ENGINEER Interface for CATIA II with ATB Creo Interface CATIA V4
Pro/ENGINEER Interface for CATIA V5 with ATB Creo Interface CATIA V5
Pro/ENGINEER Interface for JT Creo Interface for JT
Pro/ENGINEER Interface for Unigraphics with ATB Creo Interface for NX


Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE Creo Parametric


Pro/ENGINEER Schools Edition Creo Schools Edition
Pro/ENGINEER University Edition Creo University Edition

*Package name update for existing customers only.

Product Mapping for PTC Creo and CoCreate



Creo Elements/Direct


CoCreate Modeling
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling
CoCreate Model Manager
Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager
CoCreate Drafting
Creo Elements/Direct Drafting
CoCreate 2D Access
Creo Elements/Direct 2D Access
CoCreate 3D Access
Creo Elements/Direct 3D Access
CoCreate Advanced Design
Creo Elements/Direct Advanced Design
CoCreate Advanced Mechanica
Creo Elements/Direct Advanced Simulation
CoCreate BOM Editor
Creo Elements/Direct BOM Editor
CoCreate Cabling Creo Elements/Direct Cabling
CoCreate Drawing Manager Creo Elements/Direct Drawing Manager
CoCreate Finite Element Analysis Creo Elements/Direct Finite Element Analysis
CoCreate Mold Base Creo Elements/Direct Mold Base
CoCreate Sheet Metal Creo Elements/Direct Sheet Metal
CoCreate Surfacing Creo Elements/Direct Surfacing
CoCreate Task Agent Creo Elements/Direct Task Agent
CoCreate Interface for Adobe 3D PDF Creo Elements/Direct Interface for Adobe 3D PDF
CoCreate Interface for CATIA V4 Creo Elements/Direct Interface for CATIA V4
CoCreate Interface for I-deas Creo Elements/Direct Interface for I-deas
CoCreate Interface for Inventor Creo Elements/Direct Interface for Inventor
CoCreate Interface for Lattice XVL Creo Elements/Direct Interface for Lattice XVL
CoCreate Interface for NX Creo Elements/Direct Interface for NX
CoCreate Interface for Pro/ENGINEER Creo Elements/Direct Interface for Elements/Pro
CoCreate Interface for Solid Edge Creo Elements/Direct Interface for Solid Edge
CoCreate Interface for SolidWorks Creo Elements/Direct Interface for SolidWorks
eDrawings Professional for CoCreate Modeling eDrawings Professional for Creo Elements/Direct Modeling
CoCreate Multi-site Creo Elements/Direct Multi-site
CoCreate Part Library Creo Elements/Direct Part Library


CoCreate Machine Productivity Package Creo Elements/Direct Machine Productivity Package
CoCreate Sheet Metal Productivity Package Creo Elements/Direct Sheet Metal Productivity Package
CoCreate Design Productivity Package Creo Elements/Direct Design Productivity Package

Product Mapping for PTC Creo and ProductView



Creo View


ProductView Lite
Creo View Lite
ProductView Express
Creo View Express
ProductView Adapters
Creo View Adapters
ProductView Toolkits
Creo View Toolkits
ProductView ECAD Compare
Creo View ECAD Compare
ProductView Validate for Model-Based Design
Creo View Design Check
ProductView PDF Collaboration
Creo View PDF Review
ProductView MCAD Professional
Creo View MCAD
InterComm Expert
Creo View ECAD
Creo Elements/View Animator
Creo View Animator
Creo Elements/View Interference Analysis
Creo View Interference Analysis

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