Creo CADDS 5 Shipbuilding and Design Option Data Sheet

A powerful, comprehensive and specialized set of design capabilities for the shipbuilding industry. This package includes all the necessary structural and outfitting capabilities as well as a powerful NURBS surface design for complex hull surfaces.

Database management tools are also included to manage all of the information created during the product development process, and the design data can be conveniently stored in a local database or in a company's Oracle or Optegra database.


  • Comprehensive capabilities enable you to complete the entire shipbuilding design task using a single product family - leveraging a common user interface and dataset improves design efficiency
  • Optimizes multi-disciplinary systems design
  • Improves collaboration efficiency of large design teams, supporting multiple, concurrent users and ensuring design consistency


This package includes:

Creo CADDS 5 Piping and Outfitting Design Option

Creo CADDS 5 Piping and Outfitting Design Option provides all the tools needed for the design and manufacturing planning of piping systems, including Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID), isometric piping layouts and the routing of 3D pipe-runs through 3D product assemblies. This package also includes all the outfitting tools required so that the designer can add brackets and fixing to support the designed pipe-runs.

Creo CADDS 5 Structural Steel and Hull Design Option

Creo CADDS 5 Structural Steel and Hull Design Option includes a broad array of tools to facilitate the design of structural steel including all the manufacturing data, e.g. drawings, NC output, required in the design and manufacture of fabricated steel products, including plants and ships. Unique capabilities include the ability to design not only linear section beams, but also curve or twisted members. This package includes specific additional capability focused at the design and manufacturing of ship structural steel and hull, including industry specific drawing and manufacturing outputs.

Creo CADDS 5 HVAC and Outfitting Design Option

PTC CADDS 5 HVAC and Outfitting Design Option provides tools to support the development of major HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) systems and their support structure, including calculating flow requirements, using ASHRAE specifications if required, balancing the system to optimize performance and generating manufacturing output data.

Creo CADDS 5 Electrical and Outfitting Design Option

Creo CADDS 5 Electrical and Outfitting Design Option provides capabilities to support the development of major Ship Electrical systems, including cabling schematics, 3D cableway networks, 3D routing of cables and the cableway support structures. This application also supports multiple, concurrent users and maintains consistency through an Oracle database. This database may then be used to interface to 3rd party cable management software.

NURBS Surface Design

  • NURBS Surface Design is a powerful implementation of Non Uniform Rational B-Spline (NURBS) technology for interactive sculptured and free-form surface modeling.
  • The accuracy and flexibility of NURBS Surface Design software provides an ideal solution for the design of a wide range of unique surfaces, including automobile bodies, aircraft fuselages, ship hulls, and consumer products.


EDMInformation is an Oracle Database utility that provides a mechanism for non-geometric data to be stored & retrieved from within Creo CADDS 5.

The Creo CADDS 5 Concurrent Assembly Option is optionally available for additional assembly design capabilities, flexibility, and scalability.