Creo CADDS 5 Sheet Metal Design Option

Automate Sheet Metal Design

Creo CADDS 5 Sheet Metal Design Option automates design and development of sheet metal components and folded plates — including equipment chassis, frames, brackets and enclosures. In a single application, users can create sheet metal designs from a simple model, produce flat patterns using attributes such as thickness, bend angles and bend allowance, and deliver the finished, fully featured 3D solid model with manufacturing data. The software saves time and helps optimize design and manufacturing processes.


Features & Benefits

  • Leverage a broad range of sheet metal design capabilities that are fully integrated into the Creo CADDS 5 modeling environment to define, visualize and document fabrication requirements for sheet and plate metal components
  • Choose the method best suited to the design task by using a variety of modeling methods — including 2D/3D idealized shell or thick models and fully featured models
  • Easily update parts with flexible history editing capabilities
  • Export designs to multiple output formats, including IGES
  • Directly translate designs to third-party NC systems

Platform Support