Creo CADDS 5 Manufacturing Option

Manufacture Tool Designs With Ease

With powerful manufacturing capabilities that complement Creo CADDS 5 Modeling Foundation, Creo CADDS 5 Manufacturing Option provides a single, associative manufacturing solution for all 2-axis through 5-axis milling and turning operations. The software significantly improves toolpaths to machine products faster and more accurately — saving time and helping optimize manufacturing tooling design and machining processes.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensure high levels of design specification accuracy and compliance using integrated design and manufacturing capabilities that quickly transform design data into high-quality tools, parts and assemblies
  • Enhance productivity with fast, accurate machining of complex part geometry
  • Save significant NC programming time by reusing proven manufacturing methods that optimize toolpaths and reduce machine setups
  • Machine different parts from the same assembly simultaneously with multiple manufacturing engineers
  • Leverage integration with GPOST for a complete post-processing environment

Platform Support