Creo CADDS 5 Drafting Foundation Data Sheet

Creo CADDS 5 Drafting Foundation provides turnkey drawing production for Creo CADDS 5 and can act as a baseline for other Creo CADDS 5 options for users in the engineering and manufacturing environment who do not need to modify the actual design.

Based on the adaptable hybrid-modeling kernel of Creo CADDS 5, this 3D CAD software supports a comprehensive range of 2D/3D explicit wire-frame modeling tools, plus extensive associative dimensioning and drafting functions for Creo CADDS 5 parts and assemblies that have been created in other Creo CADDS 5 packages.

The Creo CADDS 5 Drafting Foundation package includes the following CAD design capabilities:

  • 2D/3D Wireframe Design
  • Dimensioning
  • Nodal Construction
  • View Part
  • Parametric Multipart Design
  • CVMAC Compiler
  • Solids Detailing
  • Basic Shading
  • View Model Space Clipping
  • AEC Visualization
  • Display Relationship
  • Electronic CADDS Maintenance Tools

Includes the following plotter support, CGM to CalComp, HPGL1, HPGL2, PostScript, Benson, GPLOT, Versatec, and HP-RTL.

Creo CADDS 5 Drafting Foundation

2D/3D Wireframe Design

Users can use a number of techniques to create and modify explicit (i.e. non-parametric), 2D and 3D wireframe models using a variety of geometry types including NURB curves.


Users can generate high-quality drawings that conform to DoD, MILSTD, ANSI, ISO, and JIS standards to meet the most demanding international specifications. With the capability to label objects from predefined templates, you can control label content and format to ensure components of a drawing are both consistently documented and updated with changes.

Nodal Construction

Intelligent entities with the Creo CADDS 5 database enable the creation of intelligent symbols and connections that can be used to produce network diagrams.

View Part

Provides instancing/viewing (multiple references) of other PTC CADDS 5 parts allowing them to be re-used within a current PTC CADDS 5 part.

Creo CADDS 5 — Parametric Multipart Design

Bottom-up or top-down single-user assembly design environment let you build lightweight hierarchical assemblies, minimizing the use of system resources and duplication of Creo CADDS 5 parts.

Basic Shading

Provides simple view rendering capabilities:

  • Create a 'snapshot' image rendering surface, solid and AEC models
  • Toggle between fully shaded, hidden line, or wire frame graphical representations to greatly improve visual understanding of the model data
  • Dynamically manipulate the view to see all aspects of the model data to check for surface conditions, interferences, etc.

View Model Space Clipping

Create a Clip box within 3D model space of views to visualize only those items within, or crossing, the defined model space clip box.

AEC Visualization

Enables users to produce detailed three dimensional, hidden-line-removed and shaded representations of Creo CADDS 5 nodal figures (AEC entities).
  • Uses parameter-driven techniques to specify a set of instructions that define multiple versions of a component to represent, its detailed image, its basic form, and its clearance volume.
  • Users can produce realistic images and reports that clearly identify interference and violations of user defined clearance boundaries.

Display Relationship

Traces the relationships between intelligent entities within a Creo CADDS 5 part or drawing.

Electronic Creo CADDS Maintenance Tools

Support the maintenance of legacy Creo CADDS electrical and electronic part databases.

Platform Support