Creo CADDS 5 Drafting Foundation

Turnkey 3D CAD/CAM Drawing Software

Creo CADDS 5 Drafting Foundation can serve as a basis for other Creo CADDS 5 options, particularly for users in engineering and manufacturing who do not need to modify the actual 3D design. Based on the adaptable, hybrid-modeling kernel of Creo CADDS 5, this CAD drawing software supports a full range of 2D/3D-explicit wireframe modeling capabilities with extensive associative dimensioning and drafting functions for both parts and assemblies.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports both part and assembly drawings
  • Provides context-sensitive dimensioning when dragging the mouse over graphic items
  • Supports creating, editing and dynamic positioning of annotations
  • Enables users to easily establish dimensional defaults prior to dimensioning and annotating
  • Provides powerful dimension update management capabilities to review and highlight changes before requesting automatic updates through associative detailing
  • Conforms to DoD, MILSTD, ANSI, ISO and JIS standards