Creo CADDS 5 Data Exchange

Support Multi-CAD Tools and Data Exchange

In today's extended enterprise, manufacturers need to fully support multi-CAD tools and data exchange. Creo CADDS 5 meets this challenge with scalable solutions that can be tailored for specific 3D design project requirements. Users can also leverage PTC’s powerful, bidirectional Associated Topology Bus (ATB), which provides associativity with Creo and other 3D CAD software systems. Creo CADDS 5 Data Exchange capabilities help reduce errors, increase quality and improve design efficiency of multi-CAD tools.

Features & Benefits

  • Improve multi-CAD tool design efficiency and reuse by leveraging non Creo CADDS 5 data

  • Update designs faster using associative data exchange with ATB to CATIA and Unigraphics via Creo

  • Multitask and improve productivity using Creo CADDS 5-centric ATB; import/export large designs and continue to use Creo CADDS 5 for other modeling tasks while import/export processing occurs in the background

  • Leverage bidirectional IGES support for CAD software parts and assemblies with specialized tools like SET and VDA

  • Import/export high-level modeling data for accurate input to downstream applications

Platform Support