Creo CADDS 5 Concurrent Assembly Option

Designing Extremely Large Assemblies

Creo CADDS 5 Concurrent Assembly Option is 3D CAD software that provides comprehensive assembly capabilities for extremely large assembly design, including specific capabilities focused on concurrent product design, tolerancing, design iteration and interference detection.

The unique, concurrent assembly environment of Creo CADDS 5 coordinates the parallel 3D design activities of an engineering team, allowing designers to use 3D CAD to create, analyze and modify components within the context of a product assembly.

Features & Benefits

  • Create massive, complex products with support for tens of thousands of components per assembly database and an easy-to-understand structure of the entire assembly
  • Design concurrently within the overall assembly — without having to work on one component in isolation
  • Reduce the cost and rework of poorly fitting assembly subcomponents using parametric tolerance modeling
  • Eliminate the need for expensive, time-consuming physical prototypes by creating an accurate, digital product definition
  • Leverage table-driven design using families of parts for control and implementation of catalogued parts, which further reduces cost

Platform Support