Dealing with Late-Stage Design Changes

Direct Modeling for dealing with change

Dealing with Late-Stage Design Changes and Rapid Engineering Changes Orders with Creo

Manufacturers everywhere need to deal with late-stage design changes. Customers request design changes late in development, unplanned engineering change orders (ECOs) arrive for a product that’s already released, or a customer quality report requires immediate changes in a shipping product. Even under the best circumstances, new regulations can force product design changes in selected geographies and industries late in the process and disrupt projects.

How bad is it? A recent PTC study found 2 of every 5 CAD users struggle with accommodating late-stage design changes.

PTC Survey

And while change would be easy if it were pre-planned as part of the parametric model’s original intent, most just aren’t. That’s a problem, and working around a design’s original intent can be a significant time sink. In the end, many teams solve these challenges by simply starting over and recreating existing data from scratch, diverting valuable time and resources from more productive endeavors—like creating superior products, decreasing time-to-market, or streamlining product development costs.

Direct Modeling for Dealing with Change

A direct or flexible modeling approach can help. It combines the best of parametric and direct modeling in one CAD tool. Now, any design change can be made simply, while preserving the design intent of existing models. This approach even works with imported geometry from your existing CAD tool.

Creo Parametric and the add-on Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) give you more design flexibility and speed to complete late-stage design changes in one tool. You no longer need to rebuild a model that can’t be updated without breaking the original constraints. With Creo and PTC Creo FMX, you easily complete late-stage design changes by selecting and editing a range of geometry and features including rounds and patterns in the model. The original design intelligence is fully retained. Creo FMX saves time and reduces errors and frustration.

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