Industrial Design Optimize your products’ aesthetic qualities with industrial design tools

Improve the Appearance of Your Products

Few consumers want to buy an 'ugly duckling' of a product.

Looks matter, and nobody understands this more than industrial designers who work to make their creations stand out on the shelf or in the showroom. Complex curves, the smoothest of high-quality surfaces, compelling product renderings - all the province of the industrial designer who knows that it takes high-powered tools to win this beauty contest. 

industrial design

You need to concentrate on giving your product the ‘it’ factor, iterating (so to speak) until you’re satisfied with the result. Start by building your model in Creo Parametric. When you have an idea or want to explore, use the freestyle design capabilities to do rapid freeform surface creation and then attach that surface to your parametric model. Take advantage of Creo Parametric’s technical surfacing capabilities or choose extensions for advanced surfacing, rendering, and reverse engineering.

Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension (ISDX) gives you advanced freeform surfacing capabilities. Use as many or as few constraints as desired.
Creo Render Studio Extension enables you to produce photorealistic renderings so everyone can see the product in its intended environment.
Creo Reverse Engineering Extension (REX) Quickly reuse your designs by creating exact virtual replicas of existing physical products.

industrial design

Downloadable Datasheets

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