CAD and the Product Designer: What’s New, What’s Coming and What You Should Be Doing Now

A PTC Virtual Conference

PTC Creo Virtual Conference


Presented by Paul Sagar

Are you keeping up with the latest in product design technologies? Now you can.

Watch CAD and the Product Designer: What’s New, What’s Coming and What You Should Be Doing Now on-demand virtual sessions to hear PTC’s industry experts tell you how these technologies are being used today. And what to expect in the future.

Let our team give you the inside track so you stay ahead of the latest advances in product design and manufacturing. Put on your headset, relax, and learn from those on the front lines.

MBD: Making Better 2D Definitions

Presented by Michael Fridman

Any Model-Based Definition (MBD) process starts with the annotated 3D model. Attend this session to learn how capabilities in Creo help you to quickly annotate your 3D models while capturing the full semantic definition. In case your company is not ready to move fully to MBD, you will also learn about the powerful improvements in 2D detailing.

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Augmented Reality

Presented by Luke Westbrook

Augmented Reality (AR) is changing product design. Imagine easily sharing CAD models so that anyone, anywhere, anytime can interact with your design in full-size, contextual 3D and provide instant feedback. That future is here today. Join us to learn about how AR and CAD work better together and what that may mean for product design Tomorrow.

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Smart Connected Design

Presented by Paul Sagar

It's the era of the smart, connected products. You need a plan. Come learn about the new capabilities in Creo Product Insight and how you can connect real world IoT data to your designs. Understand how your products are really being used, improve product quality, and ensure that future products better meet the needs of your customers.

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Additive Manufacturing

Presented by Jose Coronado

With Creo, what you design is actually what you print. You will learn how to go from Topology Optimization for concept design, Lattice Modeling and Metal Printing, all within Creo. Say goodbye to the hassle and start thinking instead about producing parametrically controlled geometry for additive manufacturing with accurate mass properties.

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Simulation & Analysis

Presented by Mark Fischer

Don't miss the chance to see demos of the new Creo 5.0 extension! Creo Flow Analysis, our new computational fluid dynamics tool. Finally, we’ll review enhancements to Creo Simulate's core capabilities.

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Making Topology Optimization (TO) Part of Your Design Process

Presented by Jose Coronado

Topology optimization (TO) has come a long way. In this session, learn how to get the most from TO, and make it part of your own product design process from first steps to advanced modeling. With TO, you can set the design problem for the software to solve, and Creo’s automatic geometry reconstruction capability produces the b-rep geometry you need for solid modeling.

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PTC Mathcad

Presented by Andrew McGough

Learn how PTC Mathcad combines the simple use and familiarity of a technical development notebook with the powerful features of a development-specialized calculation application. We’ll discuss how you can integrate PTC Mathcad into your existing design processes. Simply put, PTC Mathcad makes your life and engineering calculations easier.

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