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User SpotlightMeet Vince Haley, Creative and Technical Skill Development Coach – Design Inspiration

Vince Haley
Vince Haley
Creative and Technical Skill Development Coach at Design Inspiration

What's your favorite feature in PTC Creo?

The technical surfacing tools in combination with ISDX and more recently Freestyle are my favorite features. The product categories I've been designing for over the years require a fair amount of complex surface geometry creation. I use a mix of these tools and their associated techniques to generate geometry for an array of products

Do you have any design tips for other users?

Construct geometry about centers. If the part is symmetrical build it in half or quarters, then copy "solid-surfaces", then mirror and solidify the resulting quilt(s).

What advice do you have for people using or considering using PTC Creo?

PTC Creo is a program whose breadth of functionality and features is wide and deep. I've used PTC Creo Parametric from its inception and Pro-E from as far back as version 12 and I'm still discovering new features and ways of working. PTC Creo is always a wise investment.

Featured Video: Performance Advisor for PTC Creo

Janky computers have a way of sneaking up on you over time. A download seems to take longer than it used to, an image jumps when it should glide, the screen freezes up for a second, then it freezes up forever, and before you know it you’ve rebooted twice, and it’s not even lunch time. Maybe the problem is your graphics card. Or is it that you’re on an outdated revision of the software? Could be your operating system isn’t compatible.

If you’ve ever been hobbled by a fussy or sluggish system, you should know about Performance Advisor for PTC Creo, a tool that can help your CAD administrator find and correct problems like these, sometimes even before you notice them. Read more of “Performance Advisor for PTC Creo: Why CAD Users Love It and Administrators Need It” or watch this demo of the Performance Advisor for PTC Creo in action.

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