Coffee with a CAD Expert

Live Webcast Series

Join Weekly Sessions on Smart Product Design

January - March, 2019
11am CET / 10am BST


Over the past few years, it seems as if new technology has shaken up the way we develop products across every industry.

If advances like augmented reality, the internet of things and additive manufacturing haven’t touched your design engineering work already, they surely will soon

The latest design tools now support these new technologies in ways you might not have realized.

Join us every Thursday for a live webcast series “Coffee with a CAD expert” and find out more about innovations in 3D CAD.

In these relaxed, conversational sessions, you’ll meet with one of our experts, see live demos, and get your questions answered.

Our top 5 most requested topics:

  • Concept Design in Creo
  • Collaborating with Augmented Reality
  • Electro-Mechanical Design Collaboration
  • Creo Model Based Design
  • CAD Renaissance
  • Simulation & Manufacturing tools in Creo

See the week by week schedule and more information on the topics below.

Our Experts


Maurizio Peralta
Creo Application Expert

Syed Zohair Hussain
Engineering Journey Solution Advisor

Eric Hrovoski smiling large beard

Eric Hrovoski
Creo Application Expert


Calendar of events

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January 17th 2019
Concept Design
January 24th 2019
Electro-Mechanical Design Collaboration
January 31st 2019
Creo Model-Based Design
February 7th 2019
CAD Renaissance
February 14th 2019
Simulation TOOLS
February 21st 2019
Concept Design
February 28th 2019
Electro-Mechanical Design Collaboration
March 7th 2019
Creo Model-Based Design
March 14th 2019
CAD Renaissance
March 21st 2019
Simulation TOOLS
March 28th 2019
Concept Design