What the IoT Means to Me Part 2

Written By: Kelley Brescia

In Part 1, we learned what the IoT means to IoT ecosystem partners like Cognizant, Dell, HPE, and SAP. We posed the same question to IoT thought leaders who are using IoT solutions to transform their businesses, and here’s what they had to say:

"Gaining greater insights and clarity into how the real world behaves to shorten the time between disruptive events and corrective actions." - Colm Prendergast, Director of IoT Technology, Analog Devices

“A new economic opportunity that leads to better environmental outcomes.” - Chris May, Account Executive, ARIDEA SOLUTIONS

“New ways to play, never-before-seen creative tools – and innovation to inspire the storytellers of tomorrow.” - Fraser Lovatt, Senior Producer, Applications Studio, LEGO System A/S

“IoT has existed for years, but the technology only recently democratized. Now any smart person with a problem to solve can transform industry.” - Terri Lewis, Account Executive, Caterpillar, Inc.

“IoT opens doors for creativity in problem solving through the digital connection of people and their environment, helping us all to make informed choices.” - Alan Fletcher, Business Development Manager, MK:Smart


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